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These Legal Terms (together with the Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy) establish the conditions governing the use of this Modas la Belle Rose website and the purchase of fashion items and accessories on it. These documents will be available at all times on this website.
Please read these legal terms, our Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy carefully before using this website.
To place an order through our website, you declare that you are over 18 (eighteen) years old and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts, or if you are a minor, you must have the authorization of your parents or legal representatives to enter into the contract. By placing an order through this website, you declare that you meet these conditions.
These Terms may be altered at any time. In the event of this situation, we will publish the updates on the website and notify you of the new version of the website.
The use of the website, as well as the placement of an order, after LA BELLE ROSE has changed the Legal Notice Terms, will be subject to the latest version of the Terms, which must be accepted before completing the order.

Ownership of the website.

1. Identification:
This website is managed by SONIA MORENO CAPDEVILA.
The company’s registered office is established, for the purposes of this Legal Notice, at C/ Doctor Escassi, 49, El Coronil, Sevilla.
Access and/or use of this LA BELLE ROSE portal grants the USER status, who accepts, from such access and/or use, the General Terms of Use reflected herein. These Conditions will apply regardless of the General Contracting Conditions that may be mandatory.

2. Purpose.
2.1. The purpose of this legal information is to regulate the relationship between SONIA MORENO CAPDEVILA and the User regarding access to this website as a fashion and accessories company, LA BELLE ROSE.
2.2. By accessing this website, the User expressly accepts all clauses of this legal information, its privacy policy, and its cookie policy, as well as all specific purchase and return conditions for the use of certain fashion and accessories sales services offered by LA BELLE ROSE.
The natural or legal person accessing this website (hereinafter, the User) ensures that they have reached the minimum legal age to give consent regarding information society services. Otherwise, the User must refrain from accessing this website.
Access to this website implies adherence to the terms and conditions set out below. For all purposes, the terms and conditions in the version published at the time of access to the website will be considered.
LA BELLE ROSE recommends that the User carefully read the terms and conditions detailed in this section before contracting the fashion and accessories sales services. Furthermore, access to certain services through this website may be subject to their own specific conditions, which, in some cases, may replace, complement, or modify the general conditions.
If you do not accept the terms of use, you must refrain from accessing and using the services contained on this website.
On the other hand, LA BELLE ROSE reserves the right to modify or delete the contents, services, and information contained on this website at any time and without prior notice to Users, as well as to limit or cancel the terms and conditions applicable to the website.
By placing purchase orders for fashion items or accessories sold by LA BELLE ROSE, you acquire the status of a customer of this website (hereinafter, the Customer) and accept all the conditions included in this Legal Notice and the terms and rules of use. If you need pre-purchase advice and access this website, even if it does not involve a financial consideration, you will also be adopting the status of User with regard to this Legal Notice.

2.3. By accessing any of LA BELLE ROSE’s social media accounts, the User agrees to comply with their terms and policies:


2.4. The User undertakes to comply with any legal provisions that may apply to access this website.

2.5. LA BELLE ROSE reserves the right to change this legal information at any time, and it is the User’s responsibility to review it before accessing this website.

3. Minors.
3.1. Access to this website is prohibited for minors.

3.2. LA BELLE ROSE reminds the User who has minors in their care that it is their sole responsibility to determine which services and content are appropriate or inappropriate for the age of those minors. LA BELLE ROSE also informs them about the existence of computer programs that allow filtering and blocking access to certain content and services.

4. Content.
4.1. The content made available to the User on this website comes from both our own sources and third parties.

4.2. LA BELLE ROSE strives to ensure that the content is of the highest possible quality and reasonably up-to-date, but cannot guarantee the usefulness, accuracy, completeness, relevance, and timeliness of the content at all times.

4.3. The inclusion of content on this website does not constitute the provision of professional image advisory services by LA BELLE ROSE related to the services it offers to the User but rather provides relevant information about the company to Users interested in the products LA BELLE ROSE sells.

4.4. LA BELLE ROSE advises the User not to make decisions based on the information provided in the content of this website without obtaining prior contact in case of doubt, so they can be directly, professionally, and adequately addressed to their needs, after being contacted by the responsible person from LA BELLE ROSE or any other person in charge of the company and its services.
5. Intellectual and Industrial Property.
5.1. All the contents of this website are duly protected by intellectual and industrial property regulations. The website, including but not limited to its programming, editing, compilation, and other elements necessary for its proper functioning, logos, text, and graphics are the property of SONIA MORENO CAPDEVILA.

5.2. Regardless of the purpose for which they were intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution, and marketing of any content on this website requires the prior written authorization of LA BELLE ROSE.

5.3. Content on this website that does not belong to LA BELLE ROSE belongs to their respective owners, who are responsible for any third-party authorizations, not LA BELLE ROSE. Complaints or claims that may be filed by Users regarding possible infringements of intellectual or industrial property rights related to any of the content of this website should be directed to the following email address: BELLEZALABELLEROSE@GMAIL.COM

6. Use.
6.1. The User voluntarily and expressly accepts that the use of this website is always under their sole and exclusive responsibility.
6.2. The User undertakes not to engage in any conduct that could damage the image, interests, and rights of LA BELLE ROSE or third parties, or that could damage, disable, or overload this website, or in any way prevent its normal use.

7. SPAM.
7.1. The User is strictly prohibited from obtaining email addresses from this website for the purpose of sending advertising or promotional communications that have not been requested or expressly authorized by the recipients.

8. Responsibilities.
8.1. LA BELLE ROSE, as well as all persons professionally linked to the company, will take all actions within their power to ensure the proper functioning of this website. However, taking into account the nature of the Internet and the fact that the operation of this website